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Soul-Centered Facilitation and Coaching: bringing a soul-centered approach to your facilitation and coaching partnerships

Soul of the Phoenix: the practice of reimagining yourself

Pacifica Graduate Institute

PhD and MA in Depth Psychology: Jungian and Archetypal Studies

Published Doctoral Research: Encouraging Psychological Creativity within a Life Coaching Partnership

Internation Coaching Federation: Professional Certified Coach

Global Learning Partners: Certified Dialogue Education Teacher

The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute: 200-hour yoga teacher certification

Mindful Yoga Therapy: 100-hour certification program

School of Lost Borders

Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature

Dark Nature: Matrix of Initiatory Growth


Becoming Real: Seeing Through the Eyes of the Velveteen Rabbit (Depth Psychology Alliance, 2015)

Seeing One's Self: The Archetypal Typology of How to Train Your Dragon (Typology in Depth, 2016)

My Prayer to the Universe (self-published, 2018)


"What we hold close in our imaginal world are not just images and ideas but living bits of soul." James Hillman

Marta Koonz, PhD

archertypal psychologist


soul-centered facilitation & coaching

bringing a soul-centered approach to your facilitation & coaching partnerships

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