level III: rite of passage experiences and circle practice

Our Level III Certificate Program is designed for those seeking a deeper understanding of rite of passage experiences and ways to incorporate circle practice into their own offerings. The emphasis will be on how to create a space to honor various rites of passage as part of a group experience or life coaching partnership. Participants must have completed the Level I & II Certificate Programs in order to participate.

The program takes place over four two and a half day

virtual weekend sessions (25 hours, Friday evening

through Sunday afternoon), with five hours of reading and

virtual small group discussions between sessions.

Session I: Foundations of Circle Practice

Session II: Rite of Passage Experiences

Session III: Designing and Facilitating

Session IV: Session Presentation and Feedback

There is a final five-hour synthesis project required

to complete the 100-hour Level III certificate program

Level III certificate program to be offered in 2022


"To take an archetypal perspective in psychology leads us, therefore, to envision the basic nature and structure

of the soul in an imaginative way and to approach the basic questions of psychology first of all by means of the imagination." James Hillman

Marta Koonz, PhD

archertypal psychologist


soul-centered facilitation & coaching

bringing a soul-centered approach to your facilitation & coaching partnerships


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